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We know you want to look naturally beautiful without the fear of overdoing your makeup. Our cream blush formula provides the perfect solution for your concerns. Achieve a beautiful, glowing complexion that enhances your natural beauty and boosts your confidence. No more cake face! Just flawless, glowing skin that looks and feels like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you’ll need to identify your skin tone and undertones. Once you’ve done that, follow this guide.

  • Fair skin: Opt for light peach or soft berry shades for fair, cool-toned skin, and peachy or coral shades for fair, warm-toned skin.
  • Medium skin: Choose mauve or purple for medium, cool-toned skin, and vibrant reds or oranges for medium, warm-toned skin.
  • Olive skin: Opt for warm, glowing shades like peach, coral and bronze. Rose and mauve are also great options that provide a natural flush. Avoid cool-toned blushes which can make olive skin look slightly ruddy.
  • Dark skin: Consider light pink or berry shades for dark, cool-toned skin, and bold oranges or deep reds for dark, warm-toned skin.

The most flattering placement for your blush will depend on your face shape. But, as a general rule, blush should be applied along the centre of the cheekbone. Moving it up towards the temple creates an additional youthful, lifting effect.

Blush will typically go on the apples of your cheeks. Bronzer warms up the face best when applied to where the sun naturally hits the face like the forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin.