Baddie Lashes Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $8.99.
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Feline Eyelashes Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $8.99.

Big Energy Eyelashes

Big Energy Lashes are here to take your eye game from zero to hero. Prepare to turn heads with intense drama, unreal volume, and extreme length. Crafted with fluffy, ultra-long strands, these fluffy lashes are the ultimate wingmen for your eyes and add a touch of uniqueness to any makeup style. 

Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $8.99.

Introducing Big Energy Lashes by Makeup Artist Pros, the ultimate game-changer for your eye makeup routine. These lashes are meticulously designed to elevate your look, transforming your eyes with an unparalleled boost of volume and dramatic intensity. 

Crafted with precision, these lashes feature ultra-long, fluffy strands that seamlessly blend with your natural lashes. The result is a voluminous, full-bodied appearance that adds an air of sophistication and glamour to any makeup style. 

The intense volume ensures your eyes stand out, while the carefully designed fluffiness adds a touch of softness, preventing the look from becoming too overpowering. This combination makes Big Energy Lashes incredibly versatile, and suitable for daytime wear and evening extravaganzas.