Radiant Pink Hibiscus Cream Blush

Our Radiant Pink Hibiscus Blush’s burst of rich pink awaits to brighten your complexion and infuse it with a radiant glow. This vibrant cream blush will be your new go-to for a lively and fresh look. Upgrade your beauty routine with this must-have bright pink blush and embrace a vibrant, glowing complexion with every application.


The Radiant Pink Hibiscus Blush vibrant cream blush is your secret weapon for a fresh, lively look. The rich hue is designed to add a touch of radiance to your cheeks, creating a youthful and healthy appearance that lasts all day. 

Its creamy texture blends seamlessly, imparting a natural pink flush that lasts. For an intense nighttime look, layer the pink blush gradually to build up the colour intensity and achieve the perfect tint that complements your skin tone beautifully.

How To Use

  • Place a small amount of cream blush on your fingertip, brush, or sponge
  • Gently tap to blend the product smoothly into your skin
  • Gradually layer the blush for the preferred intensity
  • Blend thoroughly to eliminate any sharp lines
  • Finish with a setting spray or translucent powder


  • This colour is quite bright. If you’ve accidentally applied too much, mute it with a sheer foundation
  • The bright colour makes this perfect for underpainting
  • Blend this bright pink blush in natural light to get a good look at how it’s applied