Do you need a makeup artist or hairstylist for your special event, school ball, or engagement shoot? Our makeup artists love working with your features to create a stunning makeup look which enhances your natural beauty!



Breathtaking Makeup For A Special Event

Do you need to get ready for an upcoming special event? Maybe it's a memorable event such as an engagement shoot, red carpet event or a graduation? These are all events where one would ideally want to capture and remember it for many days and years to come. With the right makeup techniques and products, we will elevate your natural beauty and create a stunning, flawless appearance that will be sure to turn heads and make you feel absolutely confident and beautiful. 

Remember doing makeup for your special event is not just about how you look on the outside, but also how it makes you feel on the inside. We at Makeup Artist Professionals strive to make you feel confident and comfortable so that it shines through and makes a lasting impression. When you look back on all your pictures of your memorable event, we want you to beam at the thought of it. And the exciting thing about special events makeup, is that you can go haywire and experiment with different looks and techniques. We have skilled makeup artists with years of experience, ready to bring your desired look to life. 



Special event makeup is all about making a statement. It’s about choosing bold colours, experimenting with different textures, and creating a look that is unique to you. From dramatic smokey eyes to bold red lips, special event makeup allows you to express your individual style and personality. And if that is a natural, subtle look, that is perfectly fine. 

We use only the best, high-quality makeup products to ensure that your skin and makeup will last for hours. These include long-wearing foundations, waterproof mascaras, and pigmented eyeshadows that won’t crease or fade. Brands such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Laura Mercier, Dior and the likes are used by our makeup artists. This shows in the end result as your makeup will look as memorable as the event you're attending. 


Bridal hair and makeup typically take about 2 to 3 hours, however, the exact duration can vary depending on the complexity of the desired style and any additional services required.

The cost of bridal hair and makeup varies depending on the artist’s experience, location, and the specific services included. On average, you can expect to pay an average of $350 for the bride. It’s best to request a detailed quote from your makeup artist to understand what is included in the package.

Yes, a bridal makeup trial is highly recommended. This allows you to work with your makeup artist to perfect your look and make any necessary adjustments before the big day. A trial ensures that you are happy with the final look and can help reduce any stress or uncertainty on your wedding day.

Bridal makeup is designed to last throughout the entire wedding day, from the ceremony to the reception. With professional application and high-quality products, your makeup should stay in place for 12 to 16 hours.